What are modern approaches to consulting?

Currently, owners in Central Asia adhere to different principles: some prefer independent management, others turn to experts for analysis and planning. A unified approach has not yet fully emerged.

However, we see that the demand for consulting services is constantly growing. We regularly note that even shopping center owners with their own expertise invite consultants, providing themselves with additional insurance against costly mistakes in the implementation of large projects.

Why are consultants needed in development?

Consultants have in-depth knowledge and experience in the fields of real estate, construction and management, allowing them to provide valuable advice and solutions. You will be able to reduce risks and increase the efficiency of your projects.

Results in figures?

We continue to grow, and today one of the completed projects that we are especially proud of is the reconstruction of the Almaty SPUTNIK Mall. The result of our work: expansion of the F&B range, an increase in GLA by 16%, an increase in daily attendance by 22%, an increase in the annual turnover of tenants by 25% and an increase in the income of the shopping center by 33%.

What is the cost of services?

If we talk about medium and large projects, then our services will amount to 1–2% of the investment.

Do you work with small retail facilities?

Yes, we have successfully completed contracts for objects of several thousand square meters, we know the specifics of such work.

How to ask a question?


we offer to consider the main directions

Concept & Project

Preliminary design and Architectural solutions

When the concent is formed, it is a task from the Customer to the Draft Project, which includes all the necessary data to notify the local Architecture authority about the upcoming new development or reconstruction. Further approval of the EP opens up the possibility to start the entire Working Design (or section of Architectural solutions).

From our side, the Preliminary design has been expanded with a visual package not only of the exterior of the building, but also of the vision of the interiors. If the purpose of the object has components of coworking, public areas of a shopping center, a hotel, and so on, then in practice we recommend developing a full section of Interior Design.

Concept development

An important stage in the formation of the whole idea of an object or complex, taking into account the parameters of the location, the purpose of the building, a preliminary survey of the interest of operators and the repayment of funds.


Brokerage and Management

Project brokarege

Creating sales tools
Promotion of the object on the market
Negotiations with tenants
Signing of Lease agreements


Creation and implementation of the marketing plan of the object
Control of accounts receivable
Ensuring the growth of rental rates of the object
Work on increasing the attendance of the object


Analytics and fin. model


Analysis of the commercial real estate market
Description of the target audience of the object
The structure of the commercial and business real estate offer
Detailed description of the competitive
SWOT environment

Financial model

Forecast profit and loss statement
Forward-looking statement of cash flows
Forecast of tax deductions
Indicators of investment attractiveness
Return on assets
Assessment of the sustainability of financial indicators


Author's vision and CIW

Construction and installation works

In the role of a management company, as well as in partnership with a construction organization, we can accompany the object to the start of the launch. During the construction of the facility, to regulate the repair work of each rental area according to the concept and project agreed with us.

We trace the tracing and completeness of the laying of engineering networks, fix hidden works and select optimized finishing materials and building elements.

Author's supervision

During the construction stage, supervision is carried out not only of the engineering part, but also of the author's compliance. A well-coordinated combination of materials, their dimensionality and quality of installation can protect the building from a dissonant appearance and get as close as possible to the best result within the budget.