Features of the preliminary design of a shopping center?

We offer additional sections that go beyond the standard documentation package. These sections include a more detailed description of the interior, an expanded specification of finishing materials for interior and exterior work, furniture elements and small architectural forms, as well as additional fragments that require deeper detail.

Mistakes during preliminary design?

The main danger when developing a preliminary design and architectural solutions for commercial real estate is the trap of a proven scheme. It is impossible to do without standard approaches, but at the same time, any object requires individual solutions due to the specific location, population density, multiple indicators of regional indices and even mentality. Taking these features into account will allow you to control the risks of serious losses during the operation of the facility.

What can you save on?

The main way to reduce the final investment is to involve expertise at the earliest stage, that is, during concept development. Because practice has repeatedly shown that the involvement of professional resources at later stages often leads to a significant increase in the cost of the project by tens of percent, and sometimes to the dismantling of already erected structures, not excluding even freezing of construction, since errors revealed by the examination may turn out to be too serious.


To develop a preliminary design for a medium-sized shopping and entertainment center (SEC) it usually takes about 60 calendar days.


It depends on the specifics of each project, but the average cost is 5 USD per square meter.

What does the customer ultimately receive?

To start developing the preliminary design, the owner of the future shopping and entertainment center must receive an Architectural and Planning Assignment and Technical Specifications from the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning. These initial documents are necessary for planning engineering loads and meeting all requirements.

Upon completion of development, the owner receives a finished preliminary design, which is subject to examination. After receiving a positive expert opinion, development of a working project and subsequent construction can commence.

How to ask a question?

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