Who is your client?

Our clients in the field of management are the owners of shopping centers with whom we cooperate from the very beginning of the project — the development of a concept. They are willing to entrust the management of the property for 3–5 years in order not to be involved in the operating activities and work on new projects.

Take control of a facility that you didn't design?

Owners choose us at any stage of the project. For example, in Shymkent, the owner of a retail property contacted us on a recommendation. The property was almost built and ready to launch, but there were difficulties with leasing — more than half of the space remained vacant. When we analyzed the property, errors were identified in the layout: incorrect distribution of flow circulation and incorrectly placed anchors.

We are ready to cooperate on projects where the task is to restore a property with minimal infrastructure changes, preserving its basic characteristics, but at the same time ensuring improved financial performance, including return on investment.

Can you give examples of successful cases?

The SPUTNIK Mall shopping center in Almaty underwent a complete reconstruction with our participation: we developed the concept and financial model, entered into an exclusive brokerage agreement, carried out accreditation with the bank and supervised construction and installation works as the managers of the shopping center. The final stage was the transfer of management to the owner with an increase in profits by 23% annually.

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