When does it start?

In accordance with the concept of the property, we begin searching for tenants, including anchor ones, early at the construction stage. This is standard practice, as tenant profiles and all aspects of the financial model are worked out at the very first stage of the project — conceptual design.

I am a tenant. There is not a single large shopping center in our region. How to find area?

Tenants are having a really difficult time right now, as there is a shortage of commercial space in Kazakhstan. Our experience, supported by successful work since 2014, and proven competence (for example, the title of consultant of the year according to FIABCI), allows us to provide agency services for the rental and leasing of retail real estate. We have deep knowledge of this market. In addition, we can conduct specific research tailored to your needs, including analysis of hidden offers that may not be available in the market.

I am the owner of a shopping center. I have high traffic, but low financial indicators. What to do?

We have a range of proven techniques and experience that have demonstrated excellent results, such as optimizing space, increasing space efficiency and securing key tenants. Moreover, each object is unique and requires an individual approach. Perhaps your property needs a new concept. We invite you to discuss possible options for your project.

How to ask a question?

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